Adiós ríos, adiós fontes
adiós, regatos pequenos;
adiós, vista dos meus ollos,
non sei cándo nos veremos.
Miña terra, miña terra,
terra donde m’eu criei,
hortiña que quero tanto,
figueiriñas que prantei.


"Ailm: ... surviving despite adverse conditions ...". In Celtic symbols the Ailm is synonymous with strength, endurance and longevity. This visual project is a way to connect and remember the history of my grandparents, and of so many families in which migration and nostalgia are part of their lives. The project is a gift to the memory and history of my maternal grandparents, originally from Ourense. It is also a gift to their land, Galicia. In “Ailm” my intention is to reflect on migration (in this case from Galicia to Brazil; my grandparents migrated in the 1950s). I also touch upon time, nostalgia, roots, the land, and those who are no longer physically with us.